10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Bourbon Whiskey Lovers 
10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Bourbon Whiskey Lovers 

The season of gifting is here, and the worst thing that can happen–next to running out of high alcohol spirits in the middle of a snowstorm–is not knowing what to get loved ones. If you have a bourbon whiskey lover in your life, and you’re not sure what to gift them, we’ve made a list–and checked it twice–that guarantees they’ll be happy when they open your gift. 

10. Cigars

It’s hard to beat a nice cigar and a glass of bourbon. If you’ve never shopped cigars before, it can be daunting. Here are a few quick tips for finding one (or a box) they’ll love. 


Macanudo: These are light-bodied and easy to smoke. Great for beginning cigar smokers and one of the most popular cigars in the world.  


Cao: These cigars are smooth, creamy, and mild, medium-bodied, and slightly nutty.  


Arturo Fuente: These are high-quality cigars with a mild-to-medium body with delicate spice and a nutty core.  


Romeo y Julieta: As aromatic as the story is romantic, these cigars are slightly sweet with flavors of oak and coffee.  


Not into cigars? Keep going! There are plenty of other gift ideas on this list to consider. 


9. Charcuterie Board Ingredients

David Nicholson created his bourbon in the back of a grocery store in St. Louis in 1843, offering the world a smooth, woody, and smoky spirit with a touch of spice. So, it’s not difficult to imagine how well a glass of David Nicholson 1843 or David Nicholson Reserve goes with fine meats, cheeses, crackers, and jams. Consider these options when mixing and matching at your local grocer. 


Salamis, capicola, prosciutto–any salty cured meat goes great with bourbon. Wedges of brie, sharp cheddar, gouda, Roquefort, and parmesan–getting hungry? Maybe get some extra for yourself.  


Dark berry and apple jams, honey, and buttery crackers are fantastic for rounding out the board. 


Almonds and honey pecans or raisins also make great snacking additions. 


8. Awesome Cookware

Does your bourbon lover love to cook? Every chef should have these kitchen tools at their disposal. 


A good chef’s knife: A quality chef’s knife can last a lifetime. Typically, about 8″ in length, a good knife should offer great balance with equal weight distribution and fits well in hand. It’s almost like bourbon tasting; you can feel it when it’s good. 


A cast-iron skillet: Speaking of lasting a lifetime–cast-iron skillets can become beloved family heirlooms. If your bourbon-loving friend doesn’t have one, it’s time to put a stop to that.  


Silicone basting brushes: Super durable and easy to clean, basting brushes make applying sauces to food simple.  


A good apron with a big pocket: Where else will someone hide the bottle of bourbon while cooking? 


7. Games

Fans of trivia, action, mystery, or strategy–a little something for everyone, and they each go great with a glass of bourbon. 


Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Grab a nice game board for chess and checkers, or Monopoly or Clue. 


But, if you’re looking for something new or different, consider getting them one of these: 

  • Ticket to Ride – a board game where you build trains across the world.  
  • Cat Crimes – super simple and fun for the whole family; it’s a whodunnit with house cats. 
  • Telestrations – like the childhood game Telephone, but with pictures. Be ready to laugh. 
  • Hedbanz – prepare for a silly, loud time with this one. And, it gets more fun with each drink you have. 


6. Vinyl Albums

It’s a daunting task to buy music for someone, especially if you are unsure of their tastes. However, these albums are not only classics, they sound better on vinyl. 


All-Time Great: The Beatles – Revolver 

Rock: The Black Keys – Thickfreakness 

Electronic: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories 

Rock/Indie: Joni Mitchell – Blue 

R&B/Soul: Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On 

Rock & Roll: The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street 


Of course, there are so many more, but one of these should do just fine. 


5. Leather Goods

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh leather goods? Leather is also a familiar and sought-after taste in bourbon.  


Handbags, laptop bags, wallets, hair accessories, old books–the list is endless.  


4. The Bar at Home

Some bar gifts fall short. Try not to get caught up in trendy knick-knacks or unnecessary do-dads (we’re looking at you whiskey stones). Instead, grab these handy and straightforward bar tools that are great for any level whiskey drinker. 


Glencairn whiskey glasses: the perfect gift for whiskey sniffing and sipping, and you can never really have enough. 


Mixing glass and spoons: even hardcore whiskey drinkers could use a cocktail every once in a while. Get them a nice crystal mixing glass with a strainer and long spoons for stirring.  


Craft cocktail or spirit mixing barrels: if your whiskey-loving friend likes to experiment or create craft cocktails, these little wooden barrels make a fantastic gift. They come in different sizes, but a one or two-liter barrel is a good size. Maybe they’ll even share their one-of-a-kind concoction with you. 


Whiskey signs or barrel heads: a fun addition to any bar and a good reminder for them to visit their favorite distillery soon. May we suggest Lux Row Distillers, perhaps…  


3. Bourbon Cocktail Ingredients

Pre-made cocktails are all the rage right now, and we’re okay with it. But, sometimes, you just want to make one yourself. Why not get your friend all the ingredients they need to craft just about any cocktail they’d want? Here are a few staples to consider throwing together in a gift basket. 


Spirits: besides David Nicholson, of course, you’ll want to get them some white and dark rum and vodka. Also, consider our friends over at Bowling & Burch for an amazingly delicious new world gin. 


Syrups and juices: simple syrups can be made at home or bought in the store. Recently, our friends over at Daviess County released a blog post on making different simple syrups. Also, it’s easy enough to grab a few bottles of lemon, lime, or pineapple juice for mixing in.   


A soda water maker: there are many on the market these days, and they’re each fun and easy-to-use, ensuring that fresh seltzer water is only a few seconds away.  


2. Bourbon Soaked Everything

Who doesn’t love a bourbon-soaked cherry? But, if that’s the only bourbon-soaked deliciousness you’ve tasted, you are missing out! 


Bourbon chocolates: white chocolate, dark chocolate, pecans, walnuts–you can’t go wrong picking up a box of awesome bourbon chocolate candies or making some yourself 


Bourbon pecan pie: how do you make something amazing, even amazing-erTry this recipe. 


Bourbon caramel sauce: repeat the above. Here’s a recipe we like. 


And, the #1 best gift idea?

David Nicholson 1843 and/or David Nicholson Reserve 

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the number one thing bourbon drinkers want as gifts–bourbon, of course! 


Known as “the bourbon for the ages,” David Nicholson 1843 is a bourbon born out of the midwest nearly 180 years ago. Due to limited availability over the years, it’s probably the best bourbon you’ve never tried. However, it can now be found around the world along with David Nicholson Reserve. 


So, there are your gift ideas; wrapping them is all on you. 


We can’t do your shopping for you, but we can point you in the direction to find David Nicholson Bourbon. Shop Now for David Nicholson Bourbons. 


Happy Holidays! 


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